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Matau Media is an all-encompassing video and editing production house based in beautiful Hawke's Bay and offering outstanding storytelling and exhilarating videography. 

The founding principal behind Matau Media is that everyone has a story to tell, and professional-level videography should be accessible to everyone.

A remarkable, exhilarating video can transform a business, capture lasting memories or create a buzz with a global audience, and now can be available to everyone!

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My Story

Matau Media was founded in 2021 by Tom Fisher in sunny Hawkes Bay. If you've watched prime-time Kiwi television in the last decade you're probably already very familiar with Tom's work. Having worked for a decade inside Aotearoa's media landscape Tom has taken a leading role with some of Australasia's highest profile and award winning production houses and studios in the creation of a slew of primetime television shows, advertisements and online media. 


With his years of experience and expertise both on-set and in the editing suite and having built his reputation within Aotearoa's media community, as well as (just for good measure) a few international awards for screenwriting under his belt, in 2021 Tom decide the time was right to raise his own flag; thus Matau Media was born!


Matau Media was founded on the principal that outstanding, inspiring video services should be available to anyone, and a passion for storytelling and a creative flair is only the beginning. Here at Matau Media we believe that everyone has a story to tell: be it a business' brand story, a  creative young kiwi's short film or creating unforgettable memories, we all have a tale worth sharing, and Matau Media is here for that. With a price to suit any budget, finally professional level videography can be within the grasp of anyone!


We're always looking for new and exciting projects. Let's connect!

+64 21 0813 7954 

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