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Our Mission

Matau Media is an all-encompassing video and editing production house. Founded in 2021 in beautiful Hawke's Bay and now servicing most of the North Island, we offer our clients outstanding storytelling and exhilarating videography.

The founding principal behind Matau Media is that everyone has a story to tell, whether it's a business' brand story, a creative young kiwi's short film or a priceless moment that deserves capturing. We all have a tale to tell, and with a price to suit any budget, finally professional level videography can be accessible to everyone!

A memorable, exhilarating video can transform a business, immortalise precious memories or create a buzz with a global audience, the possibilities are limitless. So, what story do you want to tell today?

Our Team

Tom Fisher (Headshot).jpg


Founder & Head of Production

Tom has worked within Aotearoa's media industry for as long as he is willing to remember, and if you've watched prime-time Kiwi television in the last decade you're probably already very familiar with his work!


With his years of experience, having worked with some of Australasia's highest profile studios and award winning production houses both on-set and in the edit suite, and with a string of international commendations for screenwriting under his belt just for good measure, in 2021 Tom decided the time was right to raise his own flag, and thus Matau media was born.

When not filming or writing, Tom can usually be found out on a run, buried in a good book or falling victim to the dastardly machinations of his criminally insane cat!

Email:   Phone: +64 (0)210 813 7954

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